Dakotaz Collection
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Dakotaz Collection

Dakotaz Collection

***UPDATE*** 12/1/2019
First off, Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We embarrassingly are still give or take a week behind schedule. We've started to roll out shipping labels as some of you may have gotten and shipping around 200 mugs and 200 coasters Monday-Wednesday. Thursday-Monday will be the rest of the orders. We're super-duper sorry for this, I know you're all really excited... Dakotaz, Bre and I can't thank you enough for the patience, support, and understanding. 
All of you will be getting your orders before Christmas (with the exception of some international orders.) But if all goes well with the post they should get there by Christmas too!

If you have any more questions or concerns about anything at all please email me. Once again, thank you and sorry for delay.

Happy Holidays!

-Dethskulpt & Bre