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Ceramic Art Mugs by Dethskulpt

About Our Mugs:

Fully Functional, Microwaveable, Dishwasher safe. Each mug is fired 3-4 times  
Each mug is fired at 1850-2000 degrees 3-4 times to achieve the look we're going for. My mugs prices are base on the time I put into anything. The more detailed the painting, the more limited, the more the mug costs. 

About The Artist

I do what I love. I've been blessed by the many people who have come into my life and have made being an artist a career for me... and for that I am grateful. Having this opportunity has changed my life. Growing up, I loved to draw... but when you're young people don't tell you to become an artist. So I never really took it seriously, especially ceramics class. My High School teacher gave me a D, so the fact that I ended up working with ceramic, in the end, blows my mind.